Black Dog Tiles

Decorative Terracotta Tiles Made In Bath, England.

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Silk Museum Art Scarves

Pure silk traditional crêpe de chine hand finished 100% silk scarves.

14" X 59"

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Silk Museum Art Ties

Pure silk, hand finished.

57"x 3¾"

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Silk Chiffon Museum Art Scarves

Pure silk feather-light chiffon
with hand-rolled hems.

71" x 21½"

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Museum Art Jewelry

Inspired by artworks in Britain's finest museums.

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Scottish Jewelry

Handcrafted from sterling silver in Scotland's Orkney Islands.

Scottish Jewelry

Tapestry Pillows

Jacquard woven tapestry pillows hand-tailored in Cornwall.

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Lambswool Tartan Tams

Winter Weight Lambswool Tams in Scottish tartans to match our Lambswool Tartan Scarves. Plush 100% Scottish premium lambswool, “woolen spun” for a brushed, soft finish.

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Lambswool Tartan Scarves

Handcrafted in Scotland, these 100% Lambswool Scarves are a classic and smart accessory for any man or woman's wardrobe.

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Lambswool Tartan Blankets

Handcrafted in Scotland, these 100% Lambswool blankets are perfect for a winter's evening or a summer picnic blanket.

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Scottish Cashmere

Made from the finest Scottish spun yarns and woven in Scotland.

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Scarves, Stoles, Shawls, Sashes Custom Made in 500 Clan Tartans

Made in Scotland from 10 oz. autumn weight fabric.

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Scottish Merino Wool Stoles

A truly versatile accessory that can be worn throughout the seasons by men and women alike.

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Scottish Tartan Ties

Our collection of over 475 tartan ties provides a stylish addition to any outfit. Made of pure 10 oz. Worsted Wool, they match our Worsted Wool Scarves.

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Worsted Wool Clan Blankets Custom Made in 500 Tartans

Made in Scotland from 10 oz. autumn weight fabric these blankets are perfect to lay over a bed or sofa,

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Welsh Tartans

Family tartans ties and scarves for 35 Welsh surnames. Crafted in Wales from 13 ounce Worsted Wool.

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Coats of Arms and Clan Badges

Celebrate your family's heritage with a framed Coat of Arms or Clan Badge. Just let us know your name and country and we will take care of the rest.

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Cotton Throw Blankets

Our Jaquard Woven Tapestry Throw Blanket is 54 inches wide by 72 inches tall, and is woven from 100% cotton, soft to the touch and providing a warm embrace. It is not a printed scene. The image is achieved by weaving separate coloured threads.

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Vintage Maps

Large 13" x 19" poster size prints of vintage maps of Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland.

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Mix and Match Pub Glasses or Score Some Great Pub Themed Wall Art.

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British Isles Watercolours

Watercolours of English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish scenes. Double Matted, Wood Framed with Glass.

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