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Habotai Silk Scarves

Habotai is the lightest silk, glossy, with beautiful translucency that lends vibrancy to its colours and patterns. Above is William Morris Artichoke. 59" x 13.75"

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English Silk Chiffon Museum Art Scarves

Pure silk feather-light chiffon with hand-rolled hems 71" x 21½"

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English Silk Museum Art Scarves

Pure silk traditional crêpe de chine hand finished 100% silk scarves.
Shown is Cezanne Flower Scarf.

14" X 59"

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Museum Art Jewelry

ONSALE! Inspired by artworks in Britain's finest museums.

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Throw Blankets

Jacquard Woven Tapestry Throw Blankets now in two sizes; 72" by 54" and 82" x 62". Woven from 100% cotton., the is not a printed scene. It is achieved by weaving separate coloured threads. Shown is William Morris Ananthus Spectrum.

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Southwestern Throw Blankets

Jacquard Woven Throw Blankets in designs inspired by Native American patterns.


Flag Throws

Show your colors with British, Scottish, Welsh and Irish Cotton Flag Throws!

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William Morris

William Morris was a major force in the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th century. His work stoodfor traditional craftsmanship,
and often adapted medievalromantic, or folk styles of decoration.

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C.F.A. Voysey

Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857 – 1941) was an English architect and furniture and textile designer. His Arts and Crafts style influenced by William Morris, and he made important contributions to Art Nouveau style.



Czech artist Alphonse Mucha (1860 - 1939), whose inimitable art nouveau style found fame in Paris in the late 19th century.

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Silk Bow Ties

Pure Silk, Self Tie, Size Adjustable and Gift Boxed. Inspired by art .

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English Silk Museum Art Ties

Ties that tell a story, inspired by art
in Britain's finest museums
Pure silk, hand finished. 57"x 3¾"
Shown is Paul Klee Moonlight.

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Habotai Silk Large English Museum Art Scarves/Stoles

The lightest silk, glossy, with beautiful translucency that lends vibrancy to its colours and patterns.

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William Morris Tapestry Wall Plaques

Jacquard woven tapestry plaques hand-made in Cornwall.

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Scottish Cashmere


Made from the finest 100% Scottish cashmere yarns, woven in the Scottish Borders.

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Lambswool Tartan Blankets

Handcrafted in Scotland, these 100% Lambswool blankets are perfect for a winter's evening or a summer picnic blanket.

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Our 13" x 19" posters are reproduced in brilliant colour on heavy stock poster paper.

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Poster Sized Maps

A superb reproduction of the map engraved by Victorian cartographer Thomas Moule in 1830, decorated with elegant embellishments and beautifully rendered vignette scenes. 13"x19"

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Birdseye City Poster Maps

19th and early 20th Century panoramic maps of American cities printed on 13" x 19" poster stock.

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New Arrivals!

New Throw Blankets, Silk Ties and Silk Scarves. Above Tie is William Morris Willow Boughs.


Worsted Wool Clan Blankets Custom Made in 500 Tartans

Made in Scotland from 10 oz. autumn weight fabric these blankets are perfect to lay over a bed or sofa,

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Autumn Weight Worsted Wool Scarf in 500 Tartans

Custom made of 100% Scottish worsted wool, available in more than 500 Clan Tartans.

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Clan Stoles - 500 Tartans

Autumn Weight Worsted Wool Stole. Wear over shoulders as a wrap, or folded long-ways to make a plush long scarf. Choose from 500 tartans.

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Clan Tartan Sashes

Fringed sashes, available in 500 Scottish clan tartans. Perfect to wear with a Scottish traditional dancing outfit, at a Ceilidh or a Burns Night.

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