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West Quoddy Lighthouse Throw Blanket

West Quoddy Lighthouse Throw Blanket

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West Quoddy Head, in Lubec, Maine, is the easternmost point of the contiguous United States. In 1808 a lighthouse was constructed at the site to guide ships through the Quoddy Narrows.

Our Jaquard Woven Tapestry Throw Blanket is 54 inches wide by 72 inches tall, and is woven from cotton, soft to the touch and providing a warm embrace.

It is not a printed scene. The image is achieved by weaving separate coloured threads.

SOFT & BEAUTIFUL: Curl up in comfort with our super soft woven throw blanket. A perfect gift.
WOVEN NOT PRINTED: The images are created by the various color threads. Woven from 8 miles of sustainably sourced American-grown cotton.
WASHER AND DRYER SAFE: Before leaving the mill our throws are pre-washed and dried so they will never shrink or fade.

This product is made to order. Please allow minimum 4 weeks for delivery.

Renowned artist Charles Wysocki had artistic aspirations from the time he was a small boy, growing up in Michigan. His lifelong love of Americana and Primitive art has left a tremendous legacy, one to be enjoyed and appreciated for generations. His body of work exhibits a timeless charm, whimsy, and familiar warmth that has garnered him legions of fans. Skilled artisans have translated Wysocki’s originals to woven works of art for your home, lodge, or office.